STL Result Today, PCSO Lotto Results at 10:30AM, 3PM, 7PM, 8PM

Is it safe to say that you are thinking about yourself as sufficiently fortunate to win an award bond? Then, at that point, you ought to take a stab at a lotto, here I am to acquaint you with the STL lotto directed by Philippine Foundation Sweepstakes Office named PCSO. Individuals are generally inquisitive about lotto results, countless individuals are showing their advantage in prize bonds, and that is the reason there are an excessive number of lotto directed by various associations across the world.

What Is The STL Result Today?

PCSO or the Philippine Foundation Sweepstakes Office has led an STL lotto in various districts the nation over and the victor of this Lotto is declared on a regular schedule at the referenced legitimate time, in the event of any open occasion or extraordinary events, results are held if not the fortunate champ can guarantee their prizes on a consistent schedule. The aftereffects of the Lotto are declared on a regular schedule at 10:30 PM, 3 PM and 7 PM, in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao by draw. STL represents Humble community Lotto which implies this Lotto is held in an unassuming community in the country.

Here are the STL results for Visayas Region for December 1, 2023:

LAPU-LAPU CITY (Lucky 7 Games And Amusement Corp)STL Swer3
10:30 AM2-4-7
3:00 PM8-1-5
7:00 PM5-4-5
MANDAUE CITY (Piona Trading And Supply Corp)STL Swer3
10:30 AM2-5-4
3:00 PM1-3-9
7:00 PM0-0-5
10:30 AM2-0-0
3:00 PM7-6-8
7:00 PM*
PROVINCE OF CEBU (King Dragon Gaming)STL Swer3
10:30 AMStand by…
3:00 PM*
7:00 PM*
2:00 PM8-0-3
5:00 PM8-2-7
9:00 PM0-3-4
9:00 PM2-9-4-3

STL Result Today

How To Play The STL Games?

STL appears to be simple yet it is extremely interesting, you ought to stay mindful of the agreements of PCSO while playing this game. Presently we will clear up for you about systems of playing STL.

STL Swer2 Procedure

There is a 2 sections board where there are 0 to 9 numbers given, you can choose and form a combination out of these. Same as in the past, subsequent to picking their fortunate numbers they need to pay the wagering sum and sit tight for the outcomes, the outcomes are declared on true sites and are totally unadulterated on the grounds that two loaded machines are utilized for this reason, the machine picks the fortunate two digits and the bettor who has that grouping of digits dominates the match.

STL Swer3 Procedure

There are 0 to 9 numbers given in three section boards which are the only choice you have, subsequent to picking the numbers they need to pay the wagering sum, and in the wake of giving the sum to the clerk, presently players need to rely upon their karma in light of the fact that the draw is led with machines, a three chambers machine is utilized for this and the machine decides the fortunate 3 digits. Among the bettors who have the number in the specific request as the machine made, win the bet and can gather their triumphant sum from the clerk.

STL Swer4 Procedure

The STL Swer4 players who need to test their luck and see what they are destined to be, are there to pick a number from 0000 to 9999 from the given board which has 4 sections, subsequent to picking your fortunate number now the bettors need to pay the wagering sum, there is a solitary chamber machine which is utilized to make a fair draw, the machine is begun and gives the fortunate digits, the bettor who got precisely the same fortunate digits wins the bet and can gather his cash after the declarations of results, the consequence of this draw is reported at Mindanao at sharp 7 PM.

STL Pares Procedure

If STL pares produce is what you are looking for then you need to first pick a number between 1 to 40, subsequent to picking your fortunate number now you need to wager your sum and hand the sum to the clerk, equivalent to we do in ez2 and one more lotto of PCSO the machine is utilized to make drawing so there is no way of cheating when the machine draw the main number the machine is begun again to draw second number, in this way both the numbers are drawn. Among the bettors who have risked everything arrangement of numbers dominated the match and presently the consequence of the draw is shown openly on sites and other authority pages of STL in districts of Visayas and Mindanao.

Where To Check The PCSO STL Lotto Results?

Instead of sitting mindlessly and fidgeting over what the outcomes will be when one server is off for PCSO results, you can turn to other websites and links for results. These are our everyday schedules at 10:30 PM, 3 PM, and 7 PM, in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao by draw. Virtual entertainment stages are consistently the best option for members, there are many pages of PCSO on Facebook and Twitter that gives the authority results. There is the authority site of PCSO where you can really look at the outcomes, other than this, you can likewise watch official outcomes on PTV.

How To Claim Prize Money?

When the outcomes have been reported the champ of the lotto sees himself as the most fortunate one among others and nobody can deny the satisfaction of being a lotto champ. Subsequent to winning the bet everything addressed is how to guarantee value cash. We will clear up for you know how to guarantee your triumphant sum.

  • Above 300,000.00 Pesos

In the event that the triumphant sum is more prominent than 300,000.00 pesos, victors need to gather the triumphant award cash from PCSO’s principal office, since this sum is too enormous that is the reason just the primary office can give this cash to the champ subsequent to executing the expense.

  • 10,001.00 Pesos Up To 300,000.00 Pesos

The champ subsequent to winning the sum going from 10,001.00 up to 300,000.00 pesos are coordinated to visit a close by part of PCSO’s fundamental office, where the victors need to follow a few conventions and after legitimate confirmation derivation of expense carried out by the public authority, the excess sum is given to the victor.

  • 20 Pesos Up To 10,000 Pesos

The gamers bet various scopes of cash, on the off chance that the bettors won how much 20 pesos up to 10,000 pesos they can guarantee their triumphant sum from any approved outlet of PCSO by simply confirming their character and the triumphant digits referenced on the Lotto ticket.

Let us check out some STL important reminders:

PCSO STL Reminders

Here we will refer to a few significant tokens of PCSO:

  • Results won’t be declared on the off chance that there is an occasion or any unique occasion and held till special times of year-end fortunate champs will be reported not long after special times of the year so members ought to need to hold on up to that point.
  • There is a doled out time for the declaration of the fortunate victors, the outcomes are transferred on a regular schedule besides on siestas and different events at the particular time given on the site to such an extent that 10:30 PM, 3 PM, and 7 PM, and members are encouraged to hold on until the authority results are shown.
  • There is an assigned age limit from PCSO and no one but those can partake who are 18 or more. Under 18 you are not qualified for finishing up the agreements presented by PCSO.
  • It is a waste of time to cheat in light of the fact that the victors are declared based on the fortunate draw, where machines are utilized to choose the fortunate digits, besides, if you need to guard your chosen digits you don’t have to impart them to anybody, in any case, you need to confront the results.
  • Every one of the prerequisites doled out by PCSO should be followed, you should peruse the guidelines prior to partaking in the lotto so there is no disarray subsequent to purchasing a ticket, and the champ is declared after the draw.

PCSO Guidelines to be Followed When Playing STL Lotto

Players across the entire nation are encouraged to follow new Coronavirus conventions executed by PCSO, some of which are recorded here:

  • To limit actual contact, players are encouraged to utilize the plate for giving over the sum and tickets.
  • There ought to be a fitting distance of 1 meter basically to stay away from the spread of the infection.
  • The pointless papers or old lotto tickets ought to be discarded in the garbage bin as opposed to tossing them to a great extent.
  • Use sanitizers and liquor-containing sanitizers to lessen the gamble of the spread of the infection.
  • Players are coordinated to bring their own pens for filling lotto passes to diminish the gamble of tainting.
  • Taking into account the Coronavirus conventions, wear a facial covering when you came to an outlet of PCSO, you are not permitted to be important for the game until you are wearing a mask. Cover your mouth with a tissue or some other hanky while wheezing and hacking.

PCSO Announcements and Notices

There are a lot of tricks and phony words used to get out about fortunate champs and individuals shouldn’t accept them that is the reason PCSO has a public site where the authority news about the victor is transferred on relegated time, besides, there are numerous other web-based entertainment pages of PCSO that gives unadulterated and credible news to its members that are the reason individuals are coordinated to involve just authority sites for news and declarations to remain alert about any new open notification given by PCSO.


In this STL game, There is a 2 sections board where there are 0 to 9 numbers given, you can choose and form a combination out of these. Official outcomes about the fortunate draw are declared on regular routine at 10:30 PM, 3 PM and 7 PM on various virtual entertainment pages, and the victor can likewise watch the outcomes on PTV channels, for guaranteeing prizes and prize cash the champ is coordinated to visit any approved outlet of PCSO yet in the event that the triumphant sum is more prominent than 300,000.00 pesos, the sum is asserted from the principal head office of PCSO while guaranteeing winning sum and playing put everything on the line are encouraged to follow Coronavirus conventions allowed by PCSO.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ways to win in STL Lotto?

The group used to make various procedures while picking their fortunate number, everybody realizes that these bet games are basically karma wards, and individuals used to play these games to test their karma, but utilizing sound judgment and making number blends shrewdly and having the right information about even and odd numbers you can win this bet.

What are the STL lotto draws for today?

The STL lotto draws for December 1, 2023, are:

What are the possible STL winning combinations for today?

Perusers dependably on posts for the best blend to help their success in STL today however more frequently than not, genuine data isn’t given. In the event that you have a similar concern, let us give you The best mixes for now by our auto-produced bot. These are the STL best blends: 921, 432,990.

Are STL Lotto Prizes Tax-free?

Like some other lotto games the duty is likewise material on the STL lotto game, in the event that you have won a sum more prominent than 10,000 pesos, there will be a derivation of 20%, and these charges are submitted to Prepare.

Can I play STL Lotto in Advance?

Yes you are allowed to play STL lotto ahead of time by going to the STL outlet and getting your lotto tickets ahead of time. This will get your spot in the game and you can rehearse your digits before the genuine game. With a particular goal in mind, you are presently in the round of the STL lotto.

Who is allowed to play STL Lotto?

This game can be played in numerous unassuming communities in the Philippines, by taking into account the terms and security of PSCO the player should be 18 in any case he isn’t qualified for wagering cash in this lotto game, in addition, there is no web-based framework for wagering cash in STL lotto so outsiders can’t wager cash in this game through calls, texts or some other internet based exchange isn’t upheld by PCSO.